October 18, 2018

Confessions from “The Most Interesting Blogger in the World”

We sent the likes of Martha Stewart, Tom Clancy, Mariel Hemingway, Jon Krakauer, Lyle Lovett, Jay McInerney, Stefanie Powers, Tom Robbins, Ziggy Marley, Jean-Michel Cousteau, Princess Fikre-Selassie, Nathan Myhrvold, Shari Belafonte, and many, many others to the far-flung and outrageous (Dr. Ruth to the Islands of Love). But, it didn't make money, or at least enough, and after a good run it was morphed into another Microsoft property, a nascent on-line travel booking site that would become Expedia. I became Expedia's editor-at-large and continued to travel and upload stories and media from all manner of coordinates.