Arsenic in Your Apple Juice is Safer than Dr. Oz in Your Education

There’s arsenic in apple juice, and I just poured my daughter a big glass. Go ahead, call Child Protective Services.

On his show last week Dr. Oz tried to scare us about arsenic in apple juice. It was a feat of ratings-driven fear-mongering that was shameful even by daytime TV standards. His show tested various brands of apple juice for arsenic, announced that the levels were too high, and concluded that we should all be worried.

Actually, he conducted the wrong kind of test and misinterpreted the results. (If you’re interested in the scientific details ” target=”_blank”>FDA released a very reasoned update reminding us that apple juice is safe. The FDA regularly tests apple juice for arsenic and has been doing so for years. So Dr. Oz was forced to back-pedal and reassure us that he’s not worried about drinking apple juice. Phewf! That’s a relief.

This week Oz published an ” target=”_blank”>Why You Should Trust the FDA (And not Dr. Oz) (Forbes) If you read only one article about the arsenic in apple juice story, read this one.

” target=”_blank”>Oz Gets Taken to Task Over Apple Juice (Neurologica Blog)