Musings From the AAPP Conference

Last weekend I attended the fall conference of the ” target=”_blank”>once enough doctors do it, it won’t need a name.

• There was widespread agreement that American medicine is about to undergo unprecedented regulatory change. You may think that this is only due to the Affordable Care Act which is just now beginning to be implemented, but the ACA is only part of the regulatory avalanche descending on medicine. Another bureaucratic mess heading our way is ICD-10. ICD is the International Classification of Diseases, a coding system for all diagnoses that are submitted to insurance companies with medical bills. The current version, ICD-9, has about 18,000 diagnosis codes covering all the various ailments that may befall patients. ICD-10 expands it to about 140,000 codes and does so ” target=”_blank”>frequently updated website, and should ” target=”_blank”>Healing Skills for Medical Practice (Annals of Internal Medicine article, 2008, by subscription only. This should be mandatory reading for primary care physicians.)

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