Relearning What We Knew: Antibiotics Don’t Help In Sinus Infections

Most of us are personally familiar with the symptoms of a sinus infection – congested nose, cough, fever, pain in the forehead or cheeks, and general misery. It’s impossible not to feel sympathetic for patients with sinus infections, and it’s understandable that they want to do whatever it takes to feel better as soon as possible. And for many doctors and patients “as soon as possible” means “antibiotics”. In fact, almost one fifth of antibiotic prescriptions are given for patients with sinus infections (sinusitis).

Here’s where the story gets complicated. Doctors have known for a long time that sinus infections almost always improve even without antibiotics. Originally we thought that the reason for this was because most cases of sinusitis were caused by viruses, which are unaffected by antibiotics. It was thought that only the minority of cases of sinusitis that were caused by bacteria required antibiotics. But it turned out that even most cases of bacterial sinusitis improved on their own, with most people feeling better in ten days regardless of antibiotics.

So the prevailing teaching has long been that for acute sinusitis the best treatment is nasal decongestants and medications for the cough, pain, and fever. Only the tiny number of people who don’t improve in ten days should be prescribed antibiotics. Still, many doctors either don’t know this recommendation or acquiesce to patients’ expectations for antibiotics. I have certainly been guilty of this misuse of antibiotics many times. A sick patient pleading for antibiotics may be misguided, but he’s rarely in the mood for a lesson about the medical literature and the potential harms to society of antibiotic overuse.

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