Seven haiku for Parsha Ki Teitzei (you’ll need an extra bag for all these laws) by Rick Lupert

I am not sure I
would leap right to stoning the
rebellious child

Don’t crossdress says the
Torah – lifetimes and lifetimes
before tolerance

Flat roofs require
rails. Israeli contractors
get your license here

So many laws in
this Parsha – I should have brought
an extra suitcase

These laws of divorce
our love is so strong – I’m not
going to read them

If you do not want
to go to war, your best bet
is to get married

Don’t forget what
Amalek did to us, or
anyone like him

God Wrestler: a poem for every Torah Portion by Rick LupertLos Angeles poet Rick Lupert created the Poetry Super Highway (an online publication and resource for poets), and hosted the Cobalt Cafe weekly poetry reading for almost 21 years. He’s authored 21 collections of poetry, including “God Wrestler: A Poem for Every Torah Portion“, “I’m a Jew, Are You” (Jewish themed poems) and “Feeding Holy Cats” (Poetry written while a staff member on the first Birthright Israel trip), and most recently “Donut Famine” (Rothco Press, December 2016) and edited the anthologies “Ekphrastia Gone Wild”, “A Poet’s Haggadah”, and “The Night Goes on All Night.” He writes the daily web comic “Cat and Banana” with fellow Los Angeles poet Brendan Constantine. He’s widely published and reads his poetry wherever they let him.