7 Haiku for Parsha Yitro (it’s the really big show)

At Mount Sinai, a
family reunion. The
whole story is retold.

You can’t do it all
Jethro tells Moses.
Learn to delegate.

Moses chose men of
substance so they could judge the
people at all times.

We’re finally at
the mountain, this kingdom of
princes and holies.

Are we prepared for
the thunder and lightning
of revelation?

The big show begins.
We get a top ten list to
end all top ten lists.

The sound and light show
left us shaken and afraid.
We were not prepared.

Los Angeles poet Rick Lupert created a the Poetry Super Highway (an online publication and resource for poets), and hosted the Cobalt Cafe weekly poetry reading for almost 21 years. He’s authored 20 collections of poetry, including “I’m a Jew, Are You” (Jewish themed poems) and “Feeding Holy Cats” (Poetry written while a staff member on the first Birthright Israel trip), and most recently “Donut Famine” (Rothco Press, December 2016) and edited the anthologies “Ekphrastia Gone Wild”, “A Poet’s Haggadah”, and “The Night Goes on All Night.” He writes the daily web comic “Cat and Banana” with fellow Los Angeles poet Brendan Constantine. He’s widely published and reads his poetry wherever they let him.