November 15, 2018

Yamit Behar Wood

Of all the pies I bake for my customers, it’s apple pie that carries with it a money-back guarantee to bring people to tears of joy.
I’ve loved being in the kitchen since childhood. I had a slew of aunts who cooked and a mother who always had something pickling,
To say that the shooting at the Pittsburgh synagogue on Oct. 27 was heartbreaking and frightening is a great understatement.
One of the best ways to get insight into a culture is through its street food. And currently here in Kampala, Uganda, what you discover
It’s deep autumn, and if you made it through this past summer and the Jewish holidays relatively unscathed, good for you.
I got a little insight into “Israeli happiness” while eating the best French toast I’ve ever had, at Kirsh Bakery and Kitchen
The food landscape abounds with various categories of purveyors, ranging from trendy to hipster to traditional
Wise baking words this High Holy Days: Take a page out of the French playbook and make a simple dessert or, better yet, buy one.
During Shavuot, Jews eat soft cheeses and dairy-based meals for several reasons. First, the Torah was given to our people by Moses...
I’ve just come home from work. I’m covered in burns and cuts to the point where the heat from my shower stung so much I had to turn...
Some people dream of buying cars, luxury clothing or jewels. Chefs covet cookbooks and knives. Although I’ve tried to get a...
I recently had a conversation about the difference between situations that are dangerous but safe, and those that are safe but dangerous.
Many people believe that popcorn’s origin can be traced to movie theaters. There will be plenty of people buying the air-popped treat at...
Being raised by two intensely patriotic Israelis while living outside of Israel was confusing. Although both my parents had been...
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