September 19, 2018

Deborah Danan

On the day I sat down to talk to graffiti artist Solomon Souza, the police took him into custody. After we wrapped up the interview at a...
“How many of you bother reading all the emails from your kid’s school?” When a presenter asked that question at a Tel Aviv conference for working mothers...
Consider this thought experiment: What if your self-driving car has to make a split-second decision to avoid a seven-car pileup in your lane by veering...
“When you grow up in America, the DMV and all the red tape involved is the absolute worst. Then you make aliyah and you realize that [Israel’s
Shai Gul walked into the oversized shed masquerading as a wedding hall and was shocked at the level of abject poverty he encountered.
Throughout his career as a photographer, David Katz has snapped portraits of political and entertainment industry titans.
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